Ioana Marcela Brînzac, studentul anului în România: „La UMFST Târgu Mureș am învățat că prin muncă, perseverență și răbdare poți obtine tot ce îți dorești”

Liga Studenţilor Români din Străinătate (LSRS) a organizat, zilele trecute, la București, o gală festivă, în cadrul căreia au fost premiați tineri români cu rezultate academice şi extracurriculare de excepţie din ţară şi de peste hotare. Câştigătoare la categoria „Studentul anului în România” a fost Ioana Marcela Brînzac, medic Citește mai mult...

VIDEO: Early admission la UMF Tîrgu Mureș - al treilea an de funcționare a unui sistem de admitere pentru studenții internaționali, unic la nivel național

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) of Tîrgu Mureş informs international candidates that the March-April 2018 admission schedule to the English study programs in Medicine and Dentistry has been published. The University organizes two admission sessions for international candidates: “early admission” in April 2018, and “regular admission” in September Citește mai mult...

Made in UMF. Amalia Miklos, student doctorand și asistent universitar: „Admiterea la Facultatea de Farmacie a fost cea mai bună alegere!”

În anul 2010, Amalia Miklos, o tânără pasionată de chimie și extrem de ambițioasă, era admisă prima la Facultatea de Farmacie din cadrul Universității de Medicină și Farmacie din Tîrgu Mureș. Cinci ani mai târziu, Amalia reușea performanța de a fi admisă prima la concursul național de intrare în Citește mai mult...

Graduation ceremony of Class 2016 – Organising details

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Update 6.8.2016

This year we will try something new, in orfer to avoid the overcrowding of the Sports Hall, the graduation ceremony of class 2016 will take place in the Theater Plaza, Friday, 17th of June at 6 PM.

Almost 900 students will leave our university’s benches on the 17th of June. You are invited to be there at 12.00, at the Tîrgu Mureș Sports Hall, where all the 887 students will recite the Hippocratic Oath and will celebrate the graduation of 3,4,5 or 6 years at our university.


Programul desfășurat al festivității este următorul:

Time Hall Specialty
09,00 Medicine Faculty
Festive Hall, 2nd floor, main building Medicine – Romanian
Hall nr. 1, ground floor, main building Medicine – Hungarian
Lecture Hall of the Simulation Center Medicine – English
Lecture Hall nr. 42, ground floor, main building Physician Assistants – Romanian
Lecture Hall 48, ground floor, main building Physician Assistants -Hungarian
Lecture Hall, Building 47 Fizical Education and Sports
Hygiene Lecture Hall, 3rd floor, main building Nutrition and dietetics
Lecture Hall, Building 47 BFK
08,30 Pharmacy Faculty
National Theatre Pharmacy and Assistant Pharmacy
09,00 Dental Medicine Faculty
MD Amphitheatre Dental Medicine and Dental Technicians
10,45 – 11,00 Graduate roundup for departure to the Sports Hall
11,00 – 11,45 Student Parade
12,00 Graduation Ceremony



Useful information:

  • The graduation robes will be given out by the Students League
  • The parade will have this route:

Str. Gheorghe Marinescu, Str. Nicolae Grigorescu – Student Campus, Str. Victor Babeş, B-dul Cetăţii, Scăricica, Str. Mihai Eminescu, Str. Matei Corvin, Str. Cuza Vodă şi Sala Sporturilor

  • The Students’ League and the Hungarian Student Association will nominate 12 students that will have distinctive clothes and will form the colunmns of 5 students that will participate in the UMF-Sports Hall Parade
  • The gathering point of the graduates will be on the sidewalk across the street from the university. The columns will be formed on the alley of the Heroes Park.
  • The decoration of the festive halls will be the responsibility of the next year graduates and this activity will take place Thursday, 16.07.2016, in the afternoon.
  • We recomend drinking fluids during the parade to avoid dehydration.


The seating arangements in the Sports Hall can be viewed in this atachment LINK

We invite all of you to be there for our students graduation! They deserve it!

IMPORTANT! Second selection for ERASMUS+

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logo erasmus umfWe have been informed by the agency that finances ERASMUS+ that there is a possibility to apply for extra European Founds for placement mobility  ERASMUS+(summer practice) for the current university year 2015-2016.

In light of this we will organise a second selection for this kind of scholarships.

You can do your summer practice in a university or a university hospital or clinic  in any EU country. The scholarship will be appointed only if you will get an acceptance letter from the host institution, signed by the department head or the head of the clinic/practice.

*This mobilities will only take place with the condition that we will get the extra founds that we will ask for.

The applications must be submitted during the 7th-14th of April, until 12.00 at the International Relations Department.

The applications must contain

  • Opis
  • Registration form for ERASMUS+  placement scholarship selection contest
  • Justification annexes(copy of the scientific papers published in congreses and participation diplomas to this congresses, proof of any extra-school activities, etc.)
  • Curriculul Vitae
  • Motivational letter with the mentioning of your options (maximum two options)
  • Certificate from the Deans Office with your grades from the finished university years
  • Copy of your ID

The registration form and the OPIS are available on the International Relations Website : LINK

Criteria of eligibility:

  • Romanian/foreign students registered in the university year 2015-2016:

  o Medicine years III-V

  o Pharmacy years II-IV

  o Dental Medicine years III-V

  o 180 credit specialities years I and II

  • students that passed all their exams in the finished study years.

For more details you can contact us at rel_int@umftgm.ro or at 0265215551 ext. 235