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Ioana Marcela Brînzac, studentul anului în România: „La UMFST Târgu Mureș am învățat că prin muncă, perseverență și răbdare poți obtine tot ce îți dorești”

Liga Studenţilor Români din Străinătate (LSRS) a organizat, zilele trecute, la București, o gală festivă, în cadrul căreia au fost premiați tineri români cu rezultate academice şi extracurriculare de excepţie din ţară şi de peste hotare. Câştigătoare la categoria „Studentul anului în România” a fost Ioana Marcela Brînzac, medic Citește mai mult...

VIDEO: Early admission la UMF Tîrgu Mureș - al treilea an de funcționare a unui sistem de admitere pentru studenții internaționali, unic la nivel național

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) of Tîrgu Mureş informs international candidates that the March-April 2018 admission schedule to the English study programs in Medicine and Dentistry has been published. The University organizes two admission sessions for international candidates: “early admission” in April 2018, and “regular admission” in September Citește mai mult...

Made in UMF. Amalia Miklos, student doctorand și asistent universitar: „Admiterea la Facultatea de Farmacie a fost cea mai bună alegere!”

În anul 2010, Amalia Miklos, o tânără pasionată de chimie și extrem de ambițioasă, era admisă prima la Facultatea de Farmacie din cadrul Universității de Medicină și Farmacie din Tîrgu Mureș. Cinci ani mai târziu, Amalia reușea performanța de a fi admisă prima la concursul național de intrare în Citește mai mult...

VIDEO: Early admission la UMF Tîrgu Mureș – al treilea an de funcționare a unui sistem de admitere pentru studenții internaționali, unic la nivel național

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The University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) of Tîrgu Mureş informs international candidates that the March-April 2018 admission schedule to the English study programs in Medicine and Dentistry has been published.

The University organizes two admission sessions for international candidates: “early admission” in April 2018, and “regular admission” in September 2018.

The “early admission” session allows candidates wishing to become students of our University to complete their online application form from March 1-31. Applications will be assessed by a board of teaching staff of the University. The online interviews via Skype are scheduled April 16-24, and the results will be published on May 4th 2018. Successful applicants will have to make a down payment before May 21st, and will file the documents with the necessary letter of acceptance prior to July 31st. These original documents will be submitted until October 15th. The “early admission” session offers the advantage of securing a place a few months earlier than for most applicants, but it is conditioned by obtaining very good results at the baccalaureate examination or its equivalent in the country of origin.

“The main advantage of this system is that by this type of admission the University recruits candidates who strongly want to study at UMF Tîrgu Mureş, and not those who were previously rejected by other universities. This increases the quality of successful applicants, states Professor Leonard Azamfirei, the rector of UMF Tîrgu Mureş.

The “early admission” procedure is nationally unique and highly used by large foreign universities. It is part of the e-UMF platform developed within the Smart University concept, offering the opportunity for foreign candidates to enroll online for admission in March and to take the examination in April.

The number of international students increases impressively every year which is mainly due to the positive feedback of UMF graduates, as such, candidates who choose to study at UMF Tîrgu Mureş come from all over the world: Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the USA, Israel, India, South America, as well as African countries.

For further information, visit the early admission website: LINK. Additional details can be obtained over phone: +40265215.551 (extension 173) or e-mail: Contact person: Dan Groşan.

Graduation ceremony of Class 2016 – Organising details

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Update 6.8.2016

This year we will try something new, in orfer to avoid the overcrowding of the Sports Hall, the graduation ceremony of class 2016 will take place in the Theater Plaza, Friday, 17th of June at 6 PM.

Almost 900 students will leave our university’s benches on the 17th of June. You are invited to be there at 12.00, at the Tîrgu Mureș Sports Hall, where all the 887 students will recite the Hippocratic Oath and will celebrate the graduation of 3,4,5 or 6 years at our university.


Programul desfășurat al festivității este următorul:

Time Hall Specialty
09,00 Medicine Faculty
Festive Hall, 2nd floor, main building Medicine – Romanian
Hall nr. 1, ground floor, main building Medicine – Hungarian
Lecture Hall of the Simulation Center Medicine – English
Lecture Hall nr. 42, ground floor, main building Physician Assistants – Romanian
Lecture Hall 48, ground floor, main building Physician Assistants -Hungarian
Lecture Hall, Building 47 Fizical Education and Sports
Hygiene Lecture Hall, 3rd floor, main building Nutrition and dietetics
Lecture Hall, Building 47 BFK
08,30 Pharmacy Faculty
National Theatre Pharmacy and Assistant Pharmacy
09,00 Dental Medicine Faculty
MD Amphitheatre Dental Medicine and Dental Technicians
10,45 – 11,00 Graduate roundup for departure to the Sports Hall
11,00 – 11,45 Student Parade
12,00 Graduation Ceremony



Useful information:

  • The graduation robes will be given out by the Students League
  • The parade will have this route:

Str. Gheorghe Marinescu, Str. Nicolae Grigorescu – Student Campus, Str. Victor Babeş, B-dul Cetăţii, Scăricica, Str. Mihai Eminescu, Str. Matei Corvin, Str. Cuza Vodă şi Sala Sporturilor

  • The Students’ League and the Hungarian Student Association will nominate 12 students that will have distinctive clothes and will form the colunmns of 5 students that will participate in the UMF-Sports Hall Parade
  • The gathering point of the graduates will be on the sidewalk across the street from the university. The columns will be formed on the alley of the Heroes Park.
  • The decoration of the festive halls will be the responsibility of the next year graduates and this activity will take place Thursday, 16.07.2016, in the afternoon.
  • We recomend drinking fluids during the parade to avoid dehydration.


The seating arangements in the Sports Hall can be viewed in this atachment LINK

We invite all of you to be there for our students graduation! They deserve it!

IMPORTANT! Second selection for ERASMUS+

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logo erasmus umfWe have been informed by the agency that finances ERASMUS+ that there is a possibility to apply for extra European Founds for placement mobility  ERASMUS+(summer practice) for the current university year 2015-2016.

In light of this we will organise a second selection for this kind of scholarships.

You can do your summer practice in a university or a university hospital or clinic  in any EU country. The scholarship will be appointed only if you will get an acceptance letter from the host institution, signed by the department head or the head of the clinic/practice.

*This mobilities will only take place with the condition that we will get the extra founds that we will ask for.

The applications must be submitted during the 7th-14th of April, until 12.00 at the International Relations Department.

The applications must contain

  • Opis
  • Registration form for ERASMUS+  placement scholarship selection contest
  • Justification annexes(copy of the scientific papers published in congreses and participation diplomas to this congresses, proof of any extra-school activities, etc.)
  • Curriculul Vitae
  • Motivational letter with the mentioning of your options (maximum two options)
  • Certificate from the Deans Office with your grades from the finished university years
  • Copy of your ID

The registration form and the OPIS are available on the International Relations Website : LINK

Criteria of eligibility:

  • Romanian/foreign students registered in the university year 2015-2016:

  o Medicine years III-V

  o Pharmacy years II-IV

  o Dental Medicine years III-V

  o 180 credit specialities years I and II

  • students that passed all their exams in the finished study years.

For more details you can contact us at or at 0265215551 ext. 235

Early Admission and Regular Admission

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The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures has recently released the admission schedule, dedicated to students everywhere, both in terms of early admission procedure and the regular admission procedure.


According to it, foreign students who want to know in advance if their application is successful, before other universities launch their own proceedings, are now able to access the site (available in English and Hungarian) and discover the early admission procedure. According to the schedule, registration will begin on 1 March and will run until the end of the month (31 March), followed by the interviews, between 4-15 April. The final results will be announced on 22 April. The next steps towards becoming a student at UMF Tirgu Mures will be the payment of the fee and submission of the documents which are necessary for issuing the letter of acceptance (31 July).  Basically, students have the opportunity of going through all the application and admission steps, and this will not affect their chances to apply to other universities.

But early admission is only part of the admissions process for foreign students, because the period between 3 May and 29 July is dedicated to the requests for admission to the regular admission procedure. This means that those who have not complied with the deadlines for early admission have another chance to come to Tirgu Mures. All information related to early and regular admission can be found at and within the description of the procedure you can also find links to the required documentation, the online forms that are necessary for registration, as well as the brochures “Studying Medicine and Pharmacy in Tirgu Mures” and “10 Reasons to Choose our University.”

Early admission – the perfect solution from Germany to Nepal

Frederik Laier, a German student at the Faculty of Medicine at UMF Tirgu Mures has told us that “I came to UMF after a thorough research made on the Internet, when I discovered and I obtained the necessary information from the site. On the UMF site I also found a brochure, “10 Reasons,” which I liked very much, and afterwards I continued my search for information about UMF Tirgu Mures on youth forums, where young German students recount their experiences and life in universities outside Germany. Lastly, we obtained information about the university from students in senior years.” As regards the procedure for early admission, Frederick confessed that “the first direct contact with UMF Tirgu Mures was through the UMF site where I completed the online admission forms, which I thought were very well structured and complete in terms of information content. Then I contacted the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and continued the correspondence on administrative matters.”

Sumit Yadav comes from Nepal and loves Tirgu Mures: “I started my search for offers of universities in Europe during the 13th grade at high-school, but I realized that it would be very difficult because of the teaching language, other than English. Then I narrowed down the search to countries and universities where the courses are taught in English, I studied the education offer in Croatia and other countries, until I got to Romania. I noticed that in Romania there are many students from Germany, particularly in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest. But I began to look into the study offer as well, to compare universities, and I reached the conclusion that the best option for me was Tirgu Mures.”

When asked “How did you decide to come to UMF Tirgu Mures?”, Sumit surprised us a little: “I saw that Tirgu Mures is a very beautiful city and I decided to visit the city and I tell you frankly that the first ‘direct’ contact with it was when I visited the university. I also applied online within the early admission procedure, but I wanted to see for myself how UMF Tirgu Mures is. Then, after all the procedures were completed, I had to wait for the results, and it was the longest month of my life, at the end of which I found out I was accepted.”

UMF Tirgu Mures in direct competition with universities in Italy

I had one of the most interesting discussions the other day with Michela Parente, a young student from the sunny south of Italy, who, before coming to Tirgu Mures, studied medicine in Canada for a year and was accepted by one of the universities of medicine in Italy: “I had heard about UMF Tirgu Mures through a long line of friends, by word of mouth. Yes, really. It had been complete madness until I discovered UMF Tirgu Mures.” But matters become serious when you are faced with the decision that will affect your future: “I really like it here, and I can prove it by the fact that, subsequent to the date of my arrival in Tirgu Mures to start my studies, I received the acceptance letter from another medical school in Italy. But I chose Tirgu Mures. That university in Italy does not have a campus like this one here, does not have such imposing buildings or such a pleasant study atmosphere.  In that university in Italy, there are no laboratories, no pool, and the choice was quite easy to make. I truly believe that UMF Tirgu Mures has serious advantages.”

And since a university cannot be categorized as serious by considering just its material aspect, Michela offers us more details: “Probably the best thing here is the educational process: we are divided into small groups of 8-10 students and this is very important for a thorough learning of various techniques, the study of certain procedures, etc. And the atmosphere within a group of foreign students is wonderful.” This aspect has also been mentioned to us by Benedikt Wagner, Germany: “I think the most beautiful moment so far was when I found out that I took the first exam, it was a great feeling, I would say one of unbelievable joy. Then I had another great experience when I first entered the hospital and saw the first consultations of patients. As you may know, in Germany this is not even possible for medical students in the early years of medical school.” Frederick Laier, who is also the leader of the first year foreign students at UMF Tirgu Mures confirms: “I think the most important thing I have discovered at UMF Tirgu Mureş is the direct access to patients and the practical experience you can acquire during the early years of study. In Germany, this is not possible in the first five years of study, but here the link between the hospital and the university professors is extremely tight and it gives us, the students, the opportunity to interact with life and with the real challenges of a doctor in the early years of study.”

In conclusion, we will let Jennifer Messner, first year medical student, to share her opinion about Tirgu Mures with us: “I’m lovin’ it! It is the easiest way to express how I feel here. I like the Romanian people, I like the places, I love the fact that people try hard to communicate with us, even if we do not speak Romanian, I like the atmosphere, the community, the collaboration with other foreign students and the atmosphere is wonderful. And I would also like to mention that “Freshman Week” was extremely successful and, to us, an unprecedented experience!”

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures can be contacted via or email:, or directly at +40265215551, extension 173. The Public Relations Office can be contacted at the same number, extension 259, email